Collection: Aprons for Adults and Children - Sports Team Logos

I don't have any sports team logo aprons listed currently.  If there is a team you would like, either professional or college, I would be happy to create a custom order for you if fabric for that team is available. 

Buy 2 aprons, or 1 apron and 1 tote bag, and I'll give you a FREE bottle bag or large gift bag I select for you.

ADULT SIZE (Fits Most – 30” long by 25” wide)

CHILD SIZE (~3 - 7 years - 19" long by 17” wide)    

TINY SIZE (~1 - 3 years - 15" long by 13” wide)

All aprons are lined and reversible.  Adult aprons have one pocket. All aprons have        D-rings on ties at neck for easy adjustment. Waist ties on adult aprons are long enough to go around and tie in the front for a thin person, and plenty long to tie in the back for anybody. Fabrics are either 100% cotton or cotton / polyester blend. Aprons are washable, permanent press cycle, and should be washed in a lingerie bag so that the ties don’t get tangled up.  Dry on low or medium.

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